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ESCAPE Theme Park

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ESCAPE is the answer to today's generation seeking family-friendly outdoor fun in an increasingly sedentary environment & lifestyle. ESCAPE reintroduces a new genre of retro-eco fun to the masses, rejecting today's conventional definition of fun - scaring ourselves on roller coasters or isolating ourselves on a computer game. 


ESCAPE's business model challenge the leisure industry's status quo with quality, affordable fun while minimizing capex and operation costs to maximise profit. Attractions are hosted in its natural environment, using the surrounding landscape, topography, and trees to its advantage to deliver exciting rides and attractions throughout the greenery.

ESCAPE features the following:

ESCAPE Adventureplay

Rope & obstacle courses, ziplines, climbing, vertical leaps and games reflecting yesteryear's generation of monkeying around in mischief.

Adventureplay - Monkey Business.jpg

ESCAPE Waterplay

Exciting water slides, diving platforms, water obstacle rides and pools bringing guests back to the days of launching into rivers and swimming with friends.

Waterplay - Banana Flip.jpg

ESCAPE Gravityplay

Exhilarating downhill rides through the forest & trees  at maximum smiles per hour (sph) - featuring downhill trikes, tube rides and the world's longest tube water slide, verified by Guinness World Records at 1,111m.

Gravityplay - The Longest.jpg
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