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In 2019, President Trump imposed a ban on Huawei’s 5G infrastructure and products under the guise of national security; many Western allies followed suit.

This masks a competitive threat to their dominance. While countries abuse trade wars, boycotts and sanctions to stay ahead, industry giants would bully their competitors through misinformation, smear campaigns and forming associations to retain their dominance.

This is the only way the 1950’s genre of theme parks is still being recycled and promoted today with hardly any new blood in the industry’s various trades. This big-boy league has been pushing the misleading narrative for decades that they are the industry role model and trendsetters but that’s not true anymore.

I can attest to this. I have devoted 30 years of my life to theme parks, having personally invested in them. I get my hands dirty from operations to construction, design to contracting. I understand this business from the bottom up and have skin in the game, unlike many theme park ‘experts’ out there. They do not treat theme parks as their own investments, and lack the business perspective and acumen to comprehend costs or address local cultural and socioeconomic factors. This is why many mega-budget theme parks fail especially in emerging markets; they simply can’t walk the talk.

My experience in the leisure industry has not only grown in time but over geographies and across cultures where I have delivered results all over the world from Armenia to Bahrain, Bulgaria to Vietnam. We have worked with industry players around the world so let me assure you I know how things work. I have seen it all.

Sim Leisure Group defies the industry’s status quo. We have Eastern grit, Western creativity and a Global mindset. We have come this far today because we see the truth beyond the convention.

Sim Choo Kheng

Founder & Chief Executive

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Sim Leisure Group Ltd

138 Robinson Road

#26-03 Oxley Tower

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