Health, Safety & Security

Safety is at the heart of Sim Leisure Group. We allocate a significant amount of effort and resources in our commitment to uphold the highest quality of safety standards across all our attractions businesses.

Proactive Safety

We embrace a proactive culture of safety, taking pre-emptive measures to prevent incidents or accidents at our parks and business premises. We undertake the following measures as part of our proactive safety culture in accordance to the ISO 45001 standards:

  • Establish a Health and Safety Committee comprising management, representatives of workers and representatives of employer, and define the Committee’s roles, responsibilities and authorities
  • Conduct Hazards Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC) study to identify potential risks, identify current safety controls, and take necessary action factoring in likelihood and severity in judging risks
  • Conduct inspections quarterly to review general safety and health issues
  • Establish procedures for employees to immediately and efficiently report to the management workplace incidents, internal or external, that could have (potential) or had (actual) resulted in safety and health hazards, including death, bodily injury and disease
  • Promote a workplace culture that prioritises health & safety by training all employees on SLG’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy and communicating workplace safety procedures relevant to their job scope

Benchmarking of International Standards

We strive to achieve safety standards beyond the industry’s established international benchmarks.

The attractions at our ESCAPE theme parks are designed and built according to the Association for Challenge Course Technologies (ACCT) installation guidelines and all relevant requirements of the latest Euro Norm Standards: EN 15567 for rope courses and EN 12572 for artificial climbing structures.

We also adhere to the IS0 45001:2018 Quality Management System across ESCAPE theme parks to uphold benchmarked international standards and ensure consistent quality in the products and services it provides.

All our parks comply with all legal requirements in Malaysia in respect of occupational safety and health procedures and employee’s health records including:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994
  • Factory and Machinery Act 1967
  • Fire Services Act 1988
  • Penang Island Municipal Council By-laws
  • Personal Data Protection Act 2010

Maximising the Safety Experience for Guests

While we uphold the highest safety standards in our attractions across all our parks, we strive to incorporate these safety measures to minimise the impact and inconvenience of the visitor through the following initiatives:

  • Design safety features on attractions which are easy for customers to comply with minimal inconvenience while upholding highest quality of standards
  • Communicate our park and attractions’ safety rules through concise safety briefs and straightforward visual signages
  • Publish our Group safety policy, measures and initiatives on our company and park websites to provide reassurance of our safety commitments to our guests ahead of their visit

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