Sim Leisure Group is committed to managing relevant ESG risks and opportunities across our different assets, while contributing positively to the environment and society. We are dedicated to reviewing material ESG topics regularly to ensure they are relevant and address our shareholders’ concerns. We aim to build the business responsibly to develop economically and socially for society, generate economic value, champion ethical business conduct, engage positively with the local community, promote equal opportunity in employment and talent development, lead the industry in environmental sustainability through initiatives, reduce energy consumption through creative solutions, rehabilitate and preserve the natural habitat, and advocate eco-literacy among the masses.

Economic & Social

We always strive to bring a positive impact to the local communities we engage with and have factored in the consideration of ethics, social responsibility, and reducing dependency on external resources. Our main theme park in Penang aspires to be transparent and committed to its local community by supporting local businesses and employing local staff. The park is currently the community’s largest employer with the majority of our workforce comprising those from the Teluk Bahang community. We intend to replicate the communal impact in other regions of expansion domestically and internationally, as this approach can yield a greater return beyond commercial gain, making communities more economically equitable and resilient.


We depart from the approach of sophisticated high-tech rides, and adopt a low-tech, high-fun approach in designing our rides and attractions, placing an emphasis on self-powered and self-directed play to re-introduce the outdoor play of yesteryear to today’s generation. We hold to the belief that fun comes from play and all it needs is imagination and creativity, which are key in developing and operating attractions with a minimal carbon footprint. Our indoor theme park situates itself at outdoor, sheltered areas of the malls which allows us to save the need for cooling, bringing electricity costs for air-conditioning to zero. Furthermore, trees are planted in the indoor theme park vicinities to provide additional cooling and natural shade.

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