Integrity Pledge

Sim Leisure Group, including its business subsidiaries and park operations, is committed to business integrity. Sim Leisure Group has a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of corruption – including, but not limited to, kickbacks, gifts, entertainment, favours, hospitality and donations.

Sim Leisure Group conducts business in a fair, honest and ethical approach, and undertake measures to ensure people, companies and entities the Group deals with do not participate in nor condone corrupt practices.

Corruption should not thrive at the expense of honest individuals and shortchanging customers. This is why Sim Leisure Group takes a strong, vocal stance against corruption.

Sim Leisure Group promotes its parks as scam-free tourist attractions to instil confidence among visitors on the Group’s ethical business conduct, as well as to raise awareness to the public on the ongoing endemic of corruption.

At Sim Leisure Group, we believe that a corrupt-free business environment is crucial in driving the world forward towards a better tomorrow in every way.

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