Integrity Pledge

Sim Leisure Group is committed to business integrity. Our growth in the last 30 years has been the result of our refusal to give bribes in Malaysia, where we first started our business. The situation forced us to seek a level playing field overseas and resulted in us competing among the world’s best in our field in Dubai and brought our company to seek listing in Singapore. Competition on the world stage has made us super-competitive.

Sim Leisure is back operating in Malaysia and continues to speak out and fight the lonely battle against corruption, which is still rampant. We continue to receive backlash from fighting corruption, but for every fight we take on, we make progress and become stronger.

Sim Leisure Group has a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of corruption – including, but not limited to, kickbacks, gifts, entertainment, favours, hospitality and donations.

Sim Leisure Group conducts business in a fair, honest and ethical manner, and undertakes measures to ensure people, companies and entities the Group deals with do not participate in nor condone corrupt practices.

"People tend to see corruption at its surface and do not fully grasp the magnitude of the damage corruption brings. It is more than just money lost under the table or getting short-changed. It cripples the economy from within, just as cancer grows in the body, if you do not detect it sooner and have it removed, it will spread throughout your body to the deathly stage four"
Dato’ Sim Choo Kheng, Founder and Executive Chairman, Sim Leisure Group Ltd

If you need support in your business journey in dealing with corrupt people and practices, you know you have a supporter in us. Feel free to reach out to us at

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