Experience Manager

Experience Management

·       Plans and coordinates the facility’s experience projects (content, architecture, theming, graphic design and multimedia), including budget and development schedule, incompliance with KidZania’s quality standards and guidelines

·       Seek for experience projects approval from KidZania’s Central Government and report development and operational status

·       Develops and implements strategies to constantly innovate and improve KidZania’s experience offer (aligned to KidZania’s Central Government experience global strategy), as well as the departments service, efficiency and equity  

·       Develop the departments working plan and key performance indicators  

·       Develop staff to maximize potential

·       Supervises and evaluates the facility’s experience delivery

·       Reviews departments performance data (financial, activity reports) to measure productivity and project goals


Artistic Management

  • Schedule, coordinate, produce and implement events, show performances and all activities related to KidZania´s Variable Program (including     Street Parade, Birthday Party Parade, City Dance, Street-mosphere, Event performances and the artistic role play activities for those     establishments that involve artistic elements such as Fashion Boutique, Magic Show and Acting Academy etc)
  • Develop creative and technical scripts
  • Define and supervise production of set, scenery and     customs  
  • Train staff in artistic, and technical production skills and equipment use
  • Develop and administrate budget for events, show performances and all activities related to KidZania´s Variable     Program  
  • Produce the events and shows annual calendar (constant update)
  • Develop the Annual Work Plan (Variable Program and Activities) for KidZania
  • Create the Variable Program quarterly reports and sends them to Central Government at the end of each quarter
  • Reviews departments performance data (financial, activity reports) to measure productivity and goals projects


Content Management

  • Supervise the content     development process (design, resources planning, training and implementation) of the Facilities Program (activities, shows variable and special     programs), making sure they are delivered within the set timeline and are     aligned to KidZania’s standards, guidelines and Industry Partner´s     participation objectives
  • Supervise the development of all content documentation (matrixes, presentations, programs, manuals, collaterals, multimedia, purchasing list, brochures, catalogues, etc.), ensuring these have been reviewed and approved by KidZania’s Central     Government Content Department
  • Collaborate with the Purpose Partner’s team to research and understand Purpose Partner’s brand, communication goals and participation objectives
  • Collaborate with the Marketing team, to research and understand market preferences and trends
  • Create and/or adapt concepts to support in pitching potential Purpose Partners
  • Have deep knowledge of the content and operation of establishment activities, theatre, street-mosphere shows, variable and special programs
  • Ensure the correct usage of brands, procedures and products in the Facilities Program
  • Verify the quality and safety of all elements used in the activities: ingredients, utensils, equipment, machinery, etc.
  • Accurately transmit all the concept information to the teams within KidZania
  • Constantly supervise and evaluate the Facilities experience delivery in regard to the activities, to ensure performance within the set standards
  • Define and propose activities cost per visitor
  • Support in the headcount planning analysis for establishments activities