Sourcing Manager

·        Seek out for new suppliers and maintains strong relationship with them  to achieve maximum efficiency.

·        To prepare and comprehend the costing and budgeting of each projects.

·        To collate purchase orders and purchase requisitions in order-to-order  materials, goods and supplies.

·        Manages the company’s procurement strategies.

·        Analysing and calculating procurement costs and suggesting ways to  reduce expenditures.

·        Managing the company’s supply portfolio ensuring transparency of  spending.

·        To develop procurement targets across teams to achieve business  development objectives.

·        Negotiate with preferred sellers on contract terms.

·        Review and quicken payment processes for ad-hoc payment issues with  sellers.

·        Review inventory levels of products to identify future inventory  needs.

·        Do often research to understand company’s operation needs and  requirements.

·        Develop a yearly budget depending on sourcing needs.

·        Make and execute decisions on contract and purchasing policies.

·        Be the liaison between the purchasing department and vendors,  suppliers and manufacturers.

·        Develop strong relationships with global suppliers, including  negotiating prices and conditions, and resolving disputes.

·        Provides pre- and post-shipment support for all procurement activities  such as manage specifications, samples, qualify, delivery, and payment, and  monitor supply chain compliance with contract terms.

·        Examines the market and the competition to comprehend market trends

·        Always be prepared and open to alternate sourcing solutions


·       Speak proficient in Mandarin

·       At least5 to 10 years’ experience in QS and construction material background

·       Possess outstanding cost and budgeting expertise

·       Possess outstanding negotiating and sourcing skill

·       Experience in using web browser such as Alibaba and 1688

·       Experience in dealing with overseas supplier such as China

·       Experience procuring materials, equipment, parts for attractions, games, water slides fromChina. (Tensile, eye nuts, harnesses, heavy duty rubber, water pumps, solar lights. Etc)