Time to Play

For too long children and adults alike have become more sedentary and ‘stressed-out’ with the demands of study and work. To help address this problem, ESCAPE Parks were born offering an environment where individuals and families have time to play and can reconnect with each other and nature, and build social capital and awareness of the environment around them. It’s time to play.  

The first ESCAPE Park was successfully launched in Penang, Malaysia in 2012 introducing a new genre of retro-eco family friendly outdoor fun to Malaysia, and has experienced significant growth where it has attracted over 1.2 million visitors since opening.

This has included the subsequent addition of a water park (including the world’s longest slide) to the Escape adventure park and more recently the launch of Escape Challenge in Petaling Jaya, which brings outdoor adventure indoors to the urban environment.

ESCAPE's rides and attractions emphasise self-directed and self-powered play, where visitors experience Low-Tech, High-Fun, and where fun is measured in smiles per hour.

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